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B & G Drafting has been providing custom residential designs for contractors and individual homeowners since 1971. Although every project is unique, our most common service level includes, at a minimum, the following basic design phases and communication drawings:

Preliminary Design Phase: Every project begins with an initial conference, either in person or on the phone. During this conference, our objective is to listen to your concerns and priorities about your home design. Based on our experience, we will guide you through a series of questions geared at understanding any basic design considerations that you may not have considered yet. Approximately a week after your initial conference, Preliminary Design Drawings are produced for your review.  (Go to What is a Preliminary?)

Intermediate Design Phase(s): Additional preliminary design cycles  may be required if changes need to be visualized before "going final." This varies by project, based your preferences and the types of changes proposed.(Go to Additional Preliminaries)

Production of Final Drawings: When the overall design has been established, our office produces Orthographic Plans, Sections, and Elevations that describe the geometry of your design. The number and type of drawings are dependent on the services ordered and the configuration of floor levels.  (Go to Final Plans)