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 Tool Box – Someplace to start- Just the Basics


“Help!!  I don’t know what I want…”


B and G Drafting often finds people in this situation. You may know key major points but not everything you want.  This is why we start with the wish list.  Anything you can add in the form of picture or sketch will help but we can start with what ever you have.  Even the crudest of ideas are a great help in getting started.  Remember, we are not looking for a completed design but a starting point.


Some things you may already know while others you are not sure on.  For example this is often true for a finished basement design.  You know what you want but don’t care how it’s done.  Or maybe you just don’t care.  You just want advice on what is really best.  We will be happy to help but we are not going to guess.  We will use the Hidden design controllers of your project:  what the “house” wants, what the market wants, what the contractor wants, what is the best value for the space you requested – these things will help you find your unique solution.    There is always a “best” answer to all these questions put together – our goal is to find it for you.


Here are some PDF you can print if you would like.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Aid   – Things you should think about

Average Room Size Aid               – Room size you might expect at certain sq ft..

Plan Sketch Aid                              – Examples of the type of sketch we often see.

Master Bath Aid                             –  Some samples of typical Master Bath designs.

Room List Aid                                 – A list of room you might want to include.

Cost Control Aid                            – Hints on areas you might save some cost.

Old Plan Aid                                    – using old plans for puzzle pieces

Block Diagram Aid                       – Example of a block diagram.

Kid’s Bath Aid                                –  A few samples of typical second Bath designs.

Hidden design controllers         – A list of major cost controlling items