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Design Points

Seven Steps to Successful House Plans

All these steps help marketability —- done correctly these all help sustainability.

The steps are not in any order, nor are they equal, but when any are neglected you will not reach a high level

of success. It’s all in the planning. These steps are very interrelated and co-dependent, yet seldom considered as such. To reach the target will take a team. B & G’s part in helping you “Build Great” is included in every job. Some clients may want to amplify certain areas and minimize others. Your concerns are where we start. We are finished when you have a plan that will produce a “great” house.

1 – Design: The art of it all.

Is here an excuse for an ugly house? Beauty, simple or intricate, does not cost more. Planning produces houses that have all these “art” things. The inside also must combine and blend with the other steps listed. It is like the 1968 Ford Mustang, so well done that it was brought back as a top seller. The Ford Pinto, if you remember it, sits on the same frame. One car was designed, the other was just built. Design produces a lasting value.

At B & G Design it is what we help you do.

2 – Correct Components: Right pieces in right places.

I am referring to the material, system, equipment, property, and people involved in a project. Bad choices can destroy a great idea. The key is proven material, selected and assembled by experienced people. It takes a team, working together to get it right. Proven standards, starting with code, help assure success. When you build to Energy Star, NAHB Green, and LEED for Homes or get a HERS Rating, you end up with a better home. B & G Drafting takes the guesswork out by proven experience and certifications in these areas.

3 – Livability: Can you live “great” here?

Design and components should produce rooms and spaces that have the correct size and location to allow you to live well, not just exist. Traffic patterns, visual connections, views, sound control, relationships of spaces and all the other things that make a house a home. Anybody can draw lines on paper, but the relationship of these lines determines success. At B & G Drafting this is one of the more important steps in the design process.

4 – Durably: Will it last?

Is it strong, safe, secure and healthy? Building correctly for the climate zone in which you live, and all the things that could happen, should be included in your plan. Not knowing the correct procedures for your climate can plague the house with durability issues for the life of the house. These rating systems, mentioned above, plan for things from pest control to storms.

5 – Energy Efficiency: Predictable and management.

Without question this is the hottest of all issues today and perhaps, the most abused. Needless to say, all new homes are far more efficient than they were 10 years ago. With an Energy Strategy Plan that balances many aspects, you can increase efficiency per dollar of cost. At B & G energy efficiency is by design.

6 – Cost: is it in the Budget?

This is the major controller of most projects, but don’t ignore the other six steps. The Ford Pinto discussed above used to cost about the same as its brother the Mustang, if equipped the same.

Cost is a function of “size”, but quality, planning, material choices, and most importantly “features” have an equal impact. Cost also must be considered for energy, durability, and maintenance in the years to come. Our goal is to balance all aspects and help you keep in budget.

7 – End Result: is it in the budget?

The other six areas discussed above could be wasted if this last step is not included. I have seen people build more size than they need, and have to leave out the “good stuff” they wanted.

Good design techniques can often produce an answer to meet all your needs. That is why B & G starts with what you want in your plan, but we will not overlook the rest of this list.

B and G Drafting helps you Build Great! It is what we do! Everything has changed in the home building industry. Today’s market demands the “whole enchilada”,  smaller and at a lower price, with the added requirement of energy efficiency and sustainability. This may seem like a monumental task, but it is what we do for our clients every day.

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