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The Preliminary Design Drawing is a "First Draft" representation of your design, presented at a small scale. This drawing is a composite of the various ideas and design needs discussed at your first conference. The design will respond to the project's square footage and site restrictions as well.

"Did we understand what you wanted?"

Depending on the level of detail provided in the conference, this may be the first time you have seen how the various project requirements come together. Because of this, we encourage all clients to take the
Preliminary Design home with them and evaluate it for a few days. Some design elements may be new ideas, and it is important to consider the overall solution in contrast with your expectations and

"Now that you see a viable solution, what new ideas do you have?"

The preliminary drawing is typically an 1/8" scale plan of each floor level and an early "sketch" of the front elevation. Rough dimensions are provided for reference, but details such as window sizes and
electrical requirements are not yet described. The primary objective at this stage of design is to evaluate the overall concept, including arrangement and proportions of the rooms and front elevation

"What do you think about the extra feature our designers were able to include?"

At this stage of design, the client's responsibility is to list any questions or comments that arise from the design and note any known changes before the second appointment. Many clients find the
Preliminary Design so close to meeting their expectations that changes can be discussed and approved for the preparation of Final Construction Drawings.