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Final Construction Drawings
are scaled, dimensioned representations of your residential design for use in the construction process.

B & G Drafting has developed a drawing format that directly responds to the preferences of the Residential Building Enterprise in Southwest Missouri and surrounding areas. As such, drawings produced
by this firm are immediately recognized in virtually all
regional building jurisdictions, planned communities,
trades, and finance organizations.

Although complete architectural services are available, our most common package of limited construction drawings includes the descriptions of design geometry and key features in the following
orthographic views:

All exterior views (or elevations) are drawn to scale, indicating to the contractor and framers the vertical position of roof ridges, soffits, and windows as well as finish products to be used on the exterior.

A roof layout is provided to complement the exterior views shown in elevation. Ridges, hips, and valleys are drawn and relative intersections of raised roof edges are easily scaled by framers.



Each floor level is accurately drafted and dimensioned for use by all construction trades. Floor plans are generally the most widely referenced sheets of any project, and are useful as templates for
the layout of mechanical and plumbing systems by various trades. Doors, windows, and openings are sized, and key features indicated. Wall and ceiling height changes are also reflected on these drawings.

A Basement Plan, Slab Plan, or Crawl Space Layout is provided, depending on the configuration of your home design. The foundation plan coordinates concrete walls, footings, piers, and girder locations
with the proposed structure above.

Schematic electrical layouts are important to describe the necessary quantity and location of electrical fixtures throughout your design. The Electrical Layout provides a basis for receiving comparable
bids and discussing changes with the chosen electrical contractor.



B & G Drafting is highly qualified to provide a broad assortment of additional construction drawings, including building sections, mechanical systems, and structural details. A popular added service is the preparation of drawings for approval for loan assistance programs such as FHA, Veteran's Administration, or FMHA/Rural Development. Please contract our Residential Design Center to learn
about these and other additional services.